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Fernandina Pet Sitting


General Information & Policies

SERVICE POLICIES  – Effective January  2024

At FPS, it’s essential that we take great care of our loyal clients and their furry families, as well as us hardworking pet sitters.  The following policies developed over the years from learning the hard way.  They are policies and best practices for protecting you, your homes, your pets, and us, the pet sitters.




Cancellation and early return policies ensure consideration for all involved.

Although we understand things happen and change, Linda and I often have full schedules year-round.  We dislike being unable to offer services to any of our clients because of a booked schedule.  This is why we limit how many new clients we can accept.  Still, space is limited, so this does occur, especially during high-demand periods or for late requests.  The following policy helps manage the schedule and for us to be available for those who are sure to need it.

Schedule changes or cancellations are at no charge and can be canceled anytime.  However, If cancelations are habitual or consistently last-minute, a non-refundable deposit may be requested at the time of scheduling. Please remember to adjust or cancel visits ASAP if your travel plans change.    Any change affects the whole schedule.

There are no refunds or credits for early return for any period since this time is scheduled and held to guarantee your pet’s care.



FPS has four holiday periods per year: Memorial, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, plus the day before and the day after each.  Three days of these four holidays are subject to an extra holiday fee of $5.00 per visit because they are always extra high-demand periods.

Pet sitting visits canceled within three weeks before any of the four FPS holidays may be subject to a non-refundable deposit upon request for future holiday visits.  Holidays are the most likely time we can’t fit someone in.  Please do not book “just in case”.


PET VISITS  are typically 30-minutes

Many 1x day customers ask for morning visits, but our 2x per-day visits have priority for those morning spaces since we return again and they cannot be scheduled too close together.   We do our best to accommodate requests, but typically, 1x per-day visits will often be closer to late morning or midday depending on schedule.  Even with advanced scheduling, we cannot promise morning spaces for pets seen 1x per day.

When requesting 1 visit per day, it helps to know when you plan to leave and return, so I can plan what time is better for your pet visits with consideration to the whole schedule.


ADD ON SERVICES with FeesThese services have a fee because they require extra time and trips and must be scheduled.

The first meet and greet are at no charge. Extra meetings at the pet owner’s request are charged at the next pet-sitting visit.  If we request a visit it is at no charge.

  • Key pick up or drop off
  • Medication or food pickup
  • Vet medical visits
  • Birds, reptiles, fish, or other feedings and care are quoted by request. If you’re feeding outside stray cats at your home, I will feed them while you’re away at no extra charge.  Please inform me of this need.
  • Longer visits or similar requests are quoted by request.



  • Pet injections or grooming
  • Gardening or Housekeeping (beyond pet care and clean-up)
  • Lifting or moving heavy, bulky objects
  • Signing for mail or package deliveries


WE CANNOT CLIMB LADDERS or do any task that may put us at risk.  We recommend having a handyman who can be called for issues if they arise in your absence.  If necessary, I am happy to facilitate this the best I can.


OUTSIDE TRASH REMOVAL  –  Must request at scheduling or set up as a regular service.  I need the pickup schedule and to add a fee if applicable.

  • We now handle regular outside trash removal/pickup (with limitations) for those booking visits 7 days or longer at no charge. For those booked for less than 7 days, the fee is $20.00.
  • We still cannot handle recycling bins, lawn materials, overfilled, or extra heavy bins even for a fee.  If your bin is too heavy or complicated to move for pickup then we cannot handle it.  If you paid for this service it will be credited.

If you or a neighbor puts out the trash, we will roll in an empty bin at no charge.  Please request, as I have rolled in bins that were supposed to be picked up by the trash provider.



  • We cannot lift or move heavy, bulky objects. This includes door deliveries and outside trash bins that are overfilled or extra heavy.  Our pet-sitting insurance does not cover injury to us.  Our health care plan can and may ask for reimbursement of any payout for injuries incurred through the business.  Your homeowner’s plan will not likely cover injury to us.

We will continue bringing in mail, small and moderately sized and weighted packages at no charge.  This doesn’t need a request.


PLANT WATERING – Request when scheduling.

  • We cannot water outside in-ground or potted plants. We cannot move hoses, sprinklers, or potted plants around the yard or patio.  Watering outside plants is a service we cannot handle because we often end up with messy, wet hands, feet, and clothing because of leaking and spraying faucets and hoses.  And we do not get to go home to dry and clean up.  Watering with a container and going back and forth to a water source can be time-consuming for many plants.  Pet care is the priority.
  • We will water a few plants inside, at the front door, or in a small lanai at no charge. If you have several plants that need water, a fee is quoted by request.

There is no charge to adjust your sprinkler timers.



I no longer split pet visits with friends, family, neighbors, or other pet sitters (except Linda).  I take being responsible for your home, keys, codes, and pets seriously.  Friends and neighbors often help as a favor and for free.  They may not place the same concerns on the visits.  If something is missing or broken, or a problem occurs with the home or pets, this may create a problem.  If I’m the only one there I’m responsible.  I’m happy to schedule all your visits for your travel, or I understand if this doesn’t work for you. 



We have many pets that have health considerations or that are on medication.  Before your visits, especially if there are changes, please make sure we know about any health issues, the reason for any meds, and that dosages are clear and precise.  This helps us better understand what to be aware of regarding your pet’s well-being.

Also, understand that pets do not always behave with a sitter as they do with their owners.  We do our best to make sure meds are given as needed.  But, we may have to adjust the delivery method or miss meds for uncooperative pets.  If this is a problem, we should know beforehand to discuss how to best handle the matter.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!   We appreciate each of our loyal customers very much!
Reneé Martin